[WORLD PREMIERE] Edie Yvonne gets her sweet revenge on “Queen Bee”

[WORLD PREMIERE] Edie Yvonne gets her sweet revenge on “Queen Bee”

Edie Yvonne may be – and truly is – the cutest human being on the face of the Earth. But she isn’t silly. Despite being 14/15 years old, Edie knows very well what she is doing and counts on her parents’ encouragement to get where she wants: stardom. And don’t think she’s calm, the young singer/songwriter wants to get there as quickly as possible. Well, if it depends on the quality of the singles Edie’s been releasing, it shouldn’t take long.  “I said maybe you want to do this slowly and have a modest intimate plan. She said no thank you“, reveals her “momanager” Lauri Firstenberg.

I wrote the song about Queen Bees  – mean girls and their minions.  I –  as well as so many of us –  have experienced their glares, antics, intolerance for as long as I can remember.

Edie Yvonne

After the delicious ballad “On your mind” in which Edie boasts of having started the pink cowboy wave in a video recorded before the film “Barbie”, now the new adventure comes in the form of a single called “Queen Bee”. No, this is not a tribute to Beyoncé, but some kind of sweet revenge against the bullies who keep Edie up at night. “I started high school last week and I’m already feeling their energy.  The attitudes, lack of inclusivity.  I’m lucky to be able to put those thoughts and feelings  – to  let it roll off of me into the music“, Edie says.

Edie, who is also an A-list budding actress in Hollywood, is currently finishing a short film that will go hand in hand with “Queen Bee”. The 2 minute track follows the melancholic synth-pop vibe that marked bands like The Cardigans in the 90s, and the lyrics bring a fine irony that is also one of Edie’s trademarks (listen below). The production is not far behind, with effects of children’s laughter and countdowns that take us directly to the (depressing) school environment. “Always you and me“, Edie sings repeatedly, certain that the upset caused by the “mean girls” is far from over. Well, I think when this song hits the top of the billboard, it’s the Queen Bees who will fear Edie (but I bet she’ll probably have fun with it).  

Listen now before everybody: “Queen Bee” by Edie Yvonne:

Watch the amazing short-film “Kitty” starring Edie Yvonne:

Spoiler: In the movie, Edie’s turns into a cat: “I loved it! It was the most amazing experience. They literally but my eyes on the cat. As an actress Chloë (Sevigny) was so generous and would literally demonstrate and show me what she wanted me to do“.

So tell us now what did you think about the new single! A little reminder: “Queen Bee” will be available on streamings tomorrow, 9/22, everywhere!

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Marcos Tadeu

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