Grocer + 7 great Garage Rock/Alternative artists that will fuck your brains out

Grocer + 7 great Garage Rock/Alternative artists that will fuck your brains out

It’s been a while since we talked about… rock on a rock website. What do you think about diving a little into Garage and Alternative, which is being done so masterfully by bands like Grocer?


Grocer is a band from Philadelphia. Lead by three distinct vocalists, each with a unique voice both on and off their respective instruments, they flicker between moments of brash chromaticism, saccharine pop sensibility, and rhythmic acrobatics. Their compositions are both meticulous and volatile, while their live performances are lauded for explosive chemistry with cheeky curiosity.

Just on the heels of the release of their formative EP, Scatter Plot, the band returned to their subterranean laboratory to further prod and pull at their musical specimens. On their new LP, Bless Me (out April 19th) the band emerges with some striking discoveries. Palpable melodic figures interact with an ever shifting landscape of rhythmic and harmonic structures.

Bless Me encapsulates the band’s enigmatic live energy like lightning in a jar. Tracked live in their own basement and further realized with mixing help from Nate Amos (Water From Your Eyes, This Is Lorelei), the final product is electric, magnetic, and radio-active. An album that attempts to reckon with the worn out “Thoughts and Prayers’ trope of the American way of thinking, Grocer envelopes a musical ferocity that pushes for change, rather than mere acknowledgement.

A notably ambitious touring outfit, the self-described “road dogs” will be touring the US in May 2024. Grocer amuses and perplexes live audiences all over the country and on their memorable Audiotree, XPN and NPR sessions. They are playful entertainers at heart, but not to the detriment of the substantive work that they create. 

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