Edie Yvonne: always on our minds

Edie Yvonne: always on our minds

In a terrible week where the main headline is about a Brazilian child star who is free of exploitation by her own parents (Larissa Manoela), it is refreshing to look into the story of 14 years-old singer Edie Yvonne. Mainly because, in this case, there is no exploitation, but unconditional support from her really open-minded parents and family, since she was, let’s say, in diapers. These days, despite being underage, she writes about adult dilemmas, demonstrating unusual intelligence and, of course, attunement.

As a baby she was in a music class with Musiic Galloway and it was a part of her life since then. Her Abuela is an opera singer and instilled a love of music in her from the start.  When she was a little she would belt Rihanna from the back seat of the car and her love of music was cemented at a young age doing musical theater at YADA – Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts“, says the proud mommy Lauri Firstenberg, “it was clear this was something she wanted to do”, she adds. By the way, in addition to being an artist Lauri is a curator, in other words, a huge source of creativity from which Edie has always drank.

Lauri and Edie: art that runs in the family

She (Edie Yvonne) is truly this magical empathetic inspiring young woman. It is a gift for me to be able to support her on this path. 

Lauri Firstenberg – Edie’s mom

And you might wonder, what does Edie do on my site twice in a row? As if that weren’t enough, her music is sensational. I would say more, it is “addictive”. The latest single “On your mind” was released last week and the title basically sums up the impact of the song upon first listen, with a touch that is very reminiscent of early Cardigans songs. “”Lovefool” is on my playlist for sure“, Edie says about the swedish band’s biggest hit.

Go on, say that you love Edie…

2 6 Things about Edie Yvonne

RC – Hi Edie, how is it going? Where are you located on Google Maps right now? 

EYI was born and raised in Los Angeles.

RC – So, what’s the thing between you and Barbie? You can tell me. 

EY I now have a drawer full of pink clothes and accessories since I’ve seen the movie, I’ve watched Barbie 4 times now. I’m super into the dance numbers.

RC – Do you think of yourself as a movie star? How has it felt to know other movie stars since you were a kid (more than you are now). 

EYJust an aspiring actress. Growing up in LA it’s a dream of a job and its amazing to be surrounded by incredibly talented people.  Working with Chloë (Sevigny) at such a young age was a dream come true.

RC- Your songs are truly truly amazing. Tell me about the production, do you get any help composing it ? 

EYThank you so much! That means a lot. I usually write at home on my guitar or keyboard and share the songs with my producers. They translate it into a track and we flesh it out together in the recording studio. 

RC – “On your mind” has such a Cardigans, 90’s feeling, Do you get influenced by artists that were here before you were born or do you listen to people your age too? 

EYI listen to a lot of Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Fiona Apple, Mazzy Star, and Lykke Li. “Lovefool” is on my playlist for sure.

RC – How’s the debut album process going along? Any chance we might see you at some festivals this year?  

EY Currently we’re wrapping up an EP and gearing up to start rehearsing for some benefit shows in the next year.

Bonus question – Do you ever get upset? You are so charismatic. 

EYThank you! I think I’m a pretty optimistic person but when I do feel sad I try to put most of that into my music rather than holding on to it. 

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