Edie Yvonne just wanna have fun

Edie Yvonne just wanna have fun

Do not fool yourself. Although Edie Yvonne was wildly celebrating being on vacation from school (yes, she’s 15), the girl doesn’t stop working for a minute. If I, as a fan and candidate for a faithful friend, have difficulty following everything this little musical genius releases (being often taken by surprise), I imagine how hard can it be for those who have just discovered her music.

Until further notice, the plan is to release one single per month, with massive dissemination on all possible content platforms – without even dispensing a little help from artificial intelligence. The idea is: the more the world sees and hears Edie Yvonne, the closer she will be to her destiny: being part of Hollywood’s stardom.

And even though the words at the moment are work, work and work, she still finds some time to have fun watching films, dancing, listening to 90s gems like Mazzy Star and focusing on fashion. In this last aspect, Edie is also unbeatable, having anticipated the pink obsession led by films like “Barbie” and, more recently, “Mean Girls”. “I have been bringing pink cowgirl vibes since the short film I made with Emily Elizabeth Thomas when I was 8 years old in the short film “Lola: Girl Got A Gun”, she reveals.

Pink is always a thing.

Edie Yvonne

In this article, we will highlight the two most recent songs brilliantly sung by Edie: “Girl Code” – another chronicle of difficult times at school – and the classic Blind Melon cover “No Rain”, which was given to her by one of her producers.

Although Edie and Shannon Hoon (lead singer from Blind Melon) have their backgrounds based in Los Angeles, there is a world of distance between their two lifestyles. While Hoon died young of an overdose leaving a promising career behind, Edie has the balance and support necessary to move forward, with present parents and an impeccable education.

The curious thing is that the “slow motion” version of the electric “No Rain” turns into a beautiful tribute to the late singer in Edie’s honeyed voice, showing that when the 15-year-old girl takes the microphone she can do anything, even make tears rain from our eyes. Yes rain.

(another) 2 5 things about Edie Yvonne

RC – You always seem one step ahead of Hollywood trends. First it was her Barbie Cowboy outfit before the movie, now with “Girl Code” and also “Queen Bee” you anticipate the remake of “Mean Girls” with the theme of bullying and fidelity between women. Tell me who gives you the tip or if it’s simply instinctive (lol).

EY: Pink is always a thing. I have been bringing pink cowgirl vibes since the short film I made with Emily Elizabeth Thomas when I was 8 years old in the short film “Lola: Girl Got A Gun”. She had me donned in a pink cowboy hat, a pink fringe leather jacket, and I’ve been quoting and trying to channel Lola looks ever since. As for bullying, I think that these are universal issues. Write what you know…. Well unfortunately, I know mean girls, in no uncertain terms.

RC – Why is it so important to you to spread the word about bullying? Are you having many positive feedbacks?

EY: I think that because I’m part of and an ambassador for the birthmark community, bullying is a major part of our lives and experiences unfortunately. The feedback is that it is helpful to tell stories about difference and tolerance. Many young girls have reached out to say how much it means to them, which means the world to me….to connect and not feel so alone.

RC- Now you’ve decided to release your first cover. Why did you pick Blind Melon?

EY: Honestly, producer Douglas Boehm brought it to me. We had a menu of options and did a lot of research together. He was looking for something to slow down for me, something with a Mazzy Star ethos.

RC – In terms of songwriting you’re unstoppable. What will you do after “No Rain”, go back to your writing or have you decided to release more covers?

EY: I just wrapped vocals with Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta over the holiday break, two new singles which we are so excited about – Delusion and Duh! to be featured in an upcoming EP. We are also working on a new cover – an older No Doubt song, “Sometimes”. I recently sang it for an audition and it stuck with me.

RC – Which artists – songs you still wanna cover someday?

EY: If I’m brave enough one day, “Fade Into You”.

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