Iona Sky + 11 artists of 2023 that proves not only the future is female

Iona Sky + 11 artists of 2023 that proves not only the future is female

One thing I may never have explained about myself is that I was raised in the 80s, when Bon Jovi and all those bands that exuded sexual tension were playing on the radio non-stop. At that time – and until today, unfortunately, bands with female members were seen with a certain exoticism (not to mention worse).

Therefore, I am happy to bring you yet another stupendous playlist composed only of women – or bands with front women – not only because they all do a beautiful job regardless of the musical style, but because it means that we are close to the day when we will no longer differentiate the work according to the artist’s gender.

Suddenly, we could, who knows, have a festival with a majority of female artists. Or even select a playlist on Spotify with only female voices without even realizing it. That this becomes increasingly natural is, in large part, thanks to the talent of singers/musicians like the ones we bring here such as Iona Sky. Enjoy.

Iona Sky

IONA SKY are an Anglo-American indie electro rock band based in Cambridgeshire, England. Formed in 2023, the group consists of lead vocalist/keys Anna-Sophia Henry, vocalist/guitarist/keys James Malone, and lead guitarist Simon Jupp. The band released their first single, ‘Better’, in the Autumn of 2023 with an EP later in the year.

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