The Stemmas and the last alternative rock list of 2023

The Stemmas and the last alternative rock list of 2023

There is no other way to end our series of playlists other than with good old alternative rock which, despite having migrated to the underground in 2023, has demonstrated that it is still willing to take the mainstream by storm. Well, if it depends on the names we select for this final list, as is the case with The Stemmas, it won’t take long to return to all possible rankings. Check it out.

The Stemmas

The Stemmas are an emerging, indie musical collective started by guitarist and executive producer, Jerry Conrad, and lead vocalist Tommy White. The duo launched the project with a guitar and a hand drum at Tommy’s home on Hatteras Lane, but it has grown and evolved to include an impressive group of accomplished artists and collaborators.

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Bonus: Savonarola

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