The Puro + 12 new Indie Pop artists

The Puro + 12 new Indie Pop artists

We continue our journey towards the last lists of the year with one of my favorites: indie-pop, a genre that has come to encompass an infinity of sounds, united by a differentiated beat, which makes even rock and roll songs automatically conducive to the dance floor. In this final list, I bring singers – of course – like Ruby Waters, bands that are starting to emerge on the horizon, as is the case of Frontier Station and Nothing in Common, besides, of course, male singers like Scott Goldbaum.

That said, I can say that one of the great discoveries of the year is the strange project The Puro (something like “The Pure” in Portuguese), a duo composed by Noel Hogan (guitarist of the Cramberries) and the Brazilian vocalist Mell Peck (Anyone who hasn’t come to terms with Dolores’ death will especially love Mell’s timbre). A meeting that I would say unusual if, around here, we didn’t have the Call The Police project, composed of The Police’s guitarrist Andy Summers and two Brazilian musicians. Go on!

The Puro


Elessar UK and RIVES

Plant Sounds

The Balugas

Echo Record

Social Drag

Scott Goldbaum


Frontier Station

Nothing In Common

Irish Basement

FINE, whatever

Bonus: Ruby Waters

So, who do you think we should include in this list?

Marcos Tadeu

Marcos Tadeu

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