Taylor Sanders + 12 Alt. Country artists to watch closely in 2023

Taylor Sanders + 12 Alt. Country artists to watch closely in 2023

If there’s a sector where there’s no shortage of good names and songs in 2022, it’s alt.country and similar genres like singer songwriter and country-folk. Here, on the blog, we had several posts focusing on both bands and solo artists (men or women). Not to mention that, in the mainstream, the true “God” of the genre, Neil Young continues at full steam with releases and reissues, not counting bands like Wilco.

In this last alt.country list of the year, I also separated a little bit of each. There’s country, folk, rock, even pop. My cutoff point was just one: the quality of the song, which is what has always mattered. And knowing the quality of each of the 13 + 1 songs selected below, you will have a precious guide for your 2023 to be guided by some of the most promising artists in the world. Wanna bet?

Taylor Sanders

Uncle Sugar

Keith Rayburn

Dieter van der Westen Band

Waves_On_Waves feat. Castles Made Of Sky

Rosie H Sullivan

Aspen Jacobsen

Paul Weinfield

Casey Freedom

Jade Holland

Bad Flamingo

The Iron Duke feat. Trelawney

Swamp Music Players

Bonus: Davoli

So, who do you think we should include on our list?

Marcos Tadeu

Marcos Tadeu

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