Glosser + Indie Rock’s FINAL LIST of 2022

Glosser + Indie Rock’s FINAL LIST of 2022

Mainly because I’m Brazilian, I don’t believe we made it – alive – to the end of 2022 when we had everything for the year to go wrong. In the end, we got rid of our fascist president, we hosted great festivals, and on the blog we had a lot of new artists and new music that makes me sure want to make lists for the rest of my life.

And one of the genres that yielded the most good stories this year was, without a doubt, indie-rock, as you can see in our list that goes from the modern indie of Glosser to the psychedelia of wht.rbbt.obj.

Here they are, 10 artists and 10 songs to liven up your Christmas dinner:


Your ex and I

West Wickhams





demxntia feat. Heylog

Dickerd N Sons

Bonus: Pagu and Sly Boy

So, what did you think about our final indie rock list?

Marcos Tadeu

Marcos Tadeu

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