PEPTALK + 11 new indie-pop gems to end 2022 on a high note

PEPTALK + 11 new indie-pop gems to end 2022 on a high note

The year isn’t even over and all the famous TOP 5, 10 or 100 lists are already starting to appear. In my case, I couldn’t let this troubled 2022 go without first making one of my favorite lists available: that of indie-pop artists, or that at least transit through the broad scope of indie-pop, now in the mainstream, represented with honor by incredible bands like Japanese Breakfast and Soccer Mommy. And the fact that I mentioned two bands with girls is not by chance: it is a genre dominated by them, and with flying colors.

And what did I bring you? Lots of good stuff I’ve been listening to. Starting with the surprising PEPTALK, which makes a cool pop that reminds me a lot of CSS – a Brazilian band led by Lovefoxxx. We also have news from the scene with Jessica Carter Altman (daughter of the original Wonder Woman) and the touching B.Miles. I cannot forget to mention in this introduction Grace Amos, who has been developing a respectable work to the point of already having one foot in the mainstream.

Oh yes. We also have men who don’t disappoint when it comes to indie-pop. But those you will have to discover on your own! Good luck!


Jessica Carter Altman




Eugenia Post Meridiem


Nothing In Common

Grace Amos

Jesse Detor

Secret Treehouse


Bonus: Blush Face

So….. ? What did you think about the selection? Don’t forget to check this article too!

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Marcos Tadeu

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