Mary KilS + 5 female artists you should have known by now

Mary KilS + 5 female artists you should have known by now

Ahead of a project that involves a radio show and a rock and roll website, I am often asked about my predilection for female artists. Even in my bunker, listening to Taylor Swift and Holly Humberstone, my wife chafes at my fixation on (other) female voices. And my only answer: they are simply the best (as Tina Turner once said).

After all, they are the ones who have released a huge volume of concise, authentic and, above all, passionate works in recent times. It is no coincidence that Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish have won so many Grammys in the last decade.

In this article, I bring you some of my latest and most valuable discoveries within the Groover platform. Women singing different genres, pop, rock, rap, etc., and all with their own distinctiveness. Check out:

Mary KilS

For the record, Mary KilS is revealed at 33 years old by Francis Cabrel. At the beginning on stage, in the first part of Zazie. Currently on radio waves in France and internationally, with her Pop Rock version of Paradis Blanc by Michel Berger, greatly appreciated especially in England, United States, Brazil and Canada.

To be a woman, to be a mother, to be an artist and to be able to do what suits us best, whatever the reality on the ground, is an opportunity.

Mary Kils

2 3 Things about Mary KilS

RC: Love, nature and the environment are a recurring theme in your videos and songs. As an artist, do you feel you have a responsibility to sing about more political themes or you would rather write about existential matters?   

MK: I was born to the earth and for me the relationship to the earth is essential, if one wants to live in harmony with the world. Without Love we would be empty. That’s why I like to talk about it. Political themes are more distant from my nature… I can possibly open a field of reflection on a subject, but everyone is free to have their opinions according to what they live… I prefer to sing about life.

RC: You were revealed at 33 years old, an age when most of the female artists at this age are being left out by showbizz. Do you feel it is difficult to get your work listened to worldwide?

MK: At 33, I entered this great artistic movement where showbiz rules the game a bit. To be a woman, to be a mother, to be an artist and to be able to do what suits us best, whatever the reality on the ground, is an opportunity. I knew the path would be tough…but when you love, you don’t count! Today, I do not feel that it is difficult to be listened to around the world. Download platforms, media and radio are strong links between artists and those who listen to their songs. For my new album, I am looking for a production and I hope to cross the cybernetic barrier, to come and express myself on stage, closer to my listeners.

RC: You sing in French: you intend to also sing songs in english to capture even more listeners? 

MK: As I am not bilingual, I write in my native language. It is very important for me to interpret with truth what is said in the song. I will be happy to be able to sing these songs if they were translated… I hope it will be possible one day. In the meantime, I tell myself that the sung message is universal, and that it is received, whatever the language of the song.

Other 5 female artists you OUGHTA know:

Karly Jewell

This sound is HUGE. Took me back to the nineties, when I used to go crazy with bands like Hole, Bush and Smashing Pumpkins. And I would like to talk about the powerful bass you guys manage to put in here: it’s incredible, and has its own personality. Trouble in me, Trouble in you….

Arana Bright

Arana Bright’s lo-fi song is actually pretty good. It reminded me a lot of Van Morrisson’s early work. But, most of all, Bruce Springsteen on “Greetings from Asbury Park ”. Here we have a truly artist with a lot of potential as a songwriter in her hands.

Alessia Raisi

I just love this tune! It’s probably the best and most creative version I’ve ever heard of La Vie en Rose. It’s very rock and roll, modern and exciting, just like a The Killers’ song. It should be on the end lettering of a Marvel Movie, don’t you think?

Elaine Kristal

Well, my specialty is rock, which doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate good hip-hop when I listen to it. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Elaine Kristal could be the next Alicia Keys: with accessible pop that is delicious to listen to. Choruses that don’t get out of your head.

Lua Gior

Honestly, I thought it was a great idea for a woman to choose this song by Isaak as a cover, because I always thought it would go better with a female voice. And Lua Gior’s, by the way, is a beautiful voice. Soft, sensual and full of personality. As for the version present here: it is, at the very least, honest. At most, a very “classy” version, which could be on any soundtrack from a David Lynch film or from Masters of Noir, for example.

So, did you like our listing? Tell us all about in the comments, please! 🙂

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