Magnus Josefsson + 11 (male) artists to renew rock and roll

Magnus Josefsson + 11 (male) artists to renew rock and roll

In a world today admittedly dominated by women – and it’s good that it is, always – sometimes we forget to talk about what talented guys like the ones on this list are doing well…This time, I brought a heavy group of male artists involved, above all, with the renewal of rock and roll, regardless of the subgenre. Here, you might find a bit of folk, a lot of indie-rock, hints of blues and electronic, and a lot of other sounds that I haven’t been able to map out.

There are more than 10 artists of different ages and at different stages of their careers, but all committed to giving an original touch to a rhythm that equals passion for many people, including me. Guys like Magnus Josefsson, with a nostalgic sound that literally rescues The Smiths “kitchen”:

Maybe you’ll like my instrumental song “The Map” with Craig Gannon (ex The Smiths) on mellotron, Christoffer Gunrup (The Amazing on bass). Mastered by Simon Scott (Slowdive)”, introduces Magnus.

I’m sure you will.

Magnus Josefsson

Mike Viola

Paul Allen

Jim Glass

Dan Mangan

Tim Barr

Harry Taylor

Stephen Sanchez

Tom Hummer

Emiliano Ortiz

Connor Leckenby

Keith Monacchio

Bonus: Jarrett Beeler

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Marcos Tadeu

Marcos Tadeu

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