Wet Leg + 7 new “female artists” that’ll blow your mind

Wet Leg + 7 new “female artists” that’ll blow your mind

In international women’s month, there’s no shortage of lists….Well, guess what!!! Here’s one more. We’ve gathered some of the best news in terms of female vocals around the world, from Brazil, through the United States, Canada and even France. Ready?

Ruby Slipper

Babes In Toyland, Sonic Youth, Hole…Hey, Ruby Slipper, these are just a couple of bands that “Caterpillar” reminded me … The singer have vocals similar to Courtney Love…. Such a nostalgic and filthy sound, it’s always good when an artist revisit the grunge movement. I liked a lot and I think our readers will like it too….

Wave 21

We could find it all coming from Canada….from Country music till Heavy Metal, which is very funny…Wave 21 it’s some sorta of Lucinda Williams – the vocals, by the way, are quite similar, I’d like to say. Very uplifting song, the band is also pretty good, my only restriction should be about the recording, which I thought didn’t do justice to the quality of the music.

Cedrine Lixon

Cedrine Lixon, definitively not Celine Dion… So much attitude on stage. Such a “torn” vocals that renew the soul of those who grew up listening to Hole and L7. Cedrine certainly have that kind of personality and stage presence. And, honestly, I don’t feel comfortable criticizing an artist who, if she isn’t already, will be huge.

Doom Flower

If you miss that time when Breeders, Blake Babies, Belly and Juliana Hatfield ruled the world, there’s a chance you will simply love Doom Flower. That’s alternative rock with a frontwoman, with insightful lyrics and some filthy guitar riffs. Kim Deal style.

Hélène Barbier

Hélène’s work is…. weird… but very good….Like Doom Flower kinda of sound, you’ll enjoy these guitars that seems out of tune…Barbier has the talent to reinvent folk-music in the 21 century….very good indeed….and what about the violins?????

The Lovelines

(It’s that Cardigans band again)………that was only me when I got to hear another of The Lovelines songs. But I’m Glad to say that this one made my mind about the band. They’re so damn original and honest. “Dark thoughts” grows slowly until we feel nothing at all. The lead singer is great and the synths and keyboards are a must in here. Check it for yourself!

Jambow Jane

Jambow Jane is a mix. There’s brazilian and italian members: they’re a family also. And their songs go from jazzy Amy Winehouse to the new MPB, with glances of new artists like Rubel. In the end, what appears to be nothing more like a jam session it’s, in fact, a supergroup.

Wet Leg

Wet Leg’s first album will be release only in april. But we already know all the tracks from this woman duo kind of group, like “Chaise Longue”. More recently, they released “Angelica”, another awesome trip over the mountains. Wet Leg is the new fever in female alternative rock.

So, which artist would you live to add on our list of female rockers? Tell us on the comments section.

Marcos Tadeu

Marcos Tadeu

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