Let’s go, girls: 8 new pop divas to change your life

Let’s go, girls: 8 new pop divas to change your life

In the excellent NETFLIX documentary “Not just a girl”, Shania Twain teaches the step-by-step transition from country to pop, which has always been her main musical aspiration. Her steps would be followed to the letter by none other than Taylor Swift, among many others, who, with pop, managed to reach a much larger audience. Or rather, they were successful on an international scale.

In the short list below – I know you like a list – I listed some of the “new” names in pop world, other names not so new and some names that dialogue very well with pop. With the doors wide open by Shania Twain, I’m sure that today all of them can be recognized solely for their talent for singing and composing (which is immense by the way). Try not to get emotional with Space Nat’s “Happy Face” or not shake your head with Estella Dawn’s “Cringe”.

Let’s go girls!

Space NAT

Estella Dawn

Isabel Dumaa

Mikayla McLean

Ally Ahern

Sofi Gev


Lupe Dragon

Bonus: Alex Krawczyk

So, which one was your favorite?

Can you guess who’s mine?

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