Hannah Dorman: pink hair girl on fire

Hannah Dorman: pink hair girl on fire

It is symptomatic that great female names in music resort to nouns that refer to fire in their songs. From Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” to the Haim sisters’ “Gasoline”. And who also has her own version of “Gasoline” is british singer Hannah Dorman, who is in the process of promoting her new and excelent EP “222”, with 4 tracks + 1 single “Fire” that synthesize the joys and hardships of the independent woman in the midst of an essentially sexist world.

With lyrics that reaffirm female power through patriarchy and catchy choruses – na na na na na na na… – like “No Boys Allowed,” Hannah criticizes the misogynist society that treats women as objects. In terms of pop music, it’s on the energetic track “Perfect” that Hannah approaches singers like Katy Perry, with a breakneck rhythm that not only makes her perfect for the dancefloor, but for healing any broken heart.

I won’t wait for the day when you change, change your way

Hannah Dorman – “Perfect”

Hannah’s getting ready to blow your mind – and your heart (Twitter)

Another theme that is very present in “222” is the rescue of self-esteem, that is, being happy the way you are, without letting others determine your way of acting, speaking and behaving. On her Instagram, Hannah, 28, who’s also a digital influencer, makes it very clear: “Pink hair I don’t care“, that is, the courage to put on makeup, decorate however you want, even if apparently in standards not accepted according to your age.

But if Hannah touches on a theme that is currently very diluted among the singer-songwriters of her generation, her differential is to give a touch of folk or even rock to her songs, as does KT Tunstall, one of the few artists of today able to make a dancing folk-rock. In the music business since 2015 (when she didn’t even have pink hair yet), and with a series of singles anchored in playlists in the luggage, Hannah should know better that “222” is consistent enough to apply for a spot in the mainstream.

Yes, you got that right: this pink hair girl is definitely on fire.

Watch Hannah Dorman Live (before she got into pink):

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