nodisco.+ 13 best indie rock bands pt.4

nodisco.+ 13 best indie rock bands pt.4

Hello everyone, I know you were missing the most precious list on this site, the indie rock bands. Me too. That’s why, in this part 4 (!), I’ve selected some of the most amazing artists I’ve met in the last few months, starting with nodisco. , which, if it were better known, could say that it created the 2022 hit: “The Symptoms of Vanity”.

Also Crooks and Nannies, within what they call “emo”, created an irresistible track. On this list, we also have Lumari with the incredible “Neon Mirror” – not to be confused with the work of Arcade Fire – who simply reinvented “Hand in Glove” by the Smiths in a totally original track that has everything to make the band stand out in other listings around the world. The rest is up to you! Good trip.



The Veils

The Lylacs

The Lavender Scare


Emiliano Ortiz

Crooks & Nannies



Swiss Banks


Newtown Aces

Hott Goss

Bonus: Kills Across the River

So, what did you think about part 4? Take a look a this one also.

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Marcos Tadeu

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