He Said + 8 Pop-punk artists who will run any 2024 festivals

He Said + 8 Pop-punk artists who will run any 2024 festivals

Just as in the 90s grunge moved the music scene, causing record companies to suddenly hunt for the new Nirvanas, perhaps the same can be said of Pop-Punk in this post-pandemic period.

The natural desire to celebrate among friends, besides all the anguish and isolation of 2 years of lockdowns and restrictions culminated today with an excess of festivals and shows. And one of the music genres that has benefited most from this boom is definitely Pop-Punk. In other words, not as rebellious as punk, and not as silly as pop. A little bit of both.

The good acceptance of this ”mix” of Pop-Punk emotions is causing new bands to adopt the style. The result: they are being considered for a lot of line ups, as they create a commercial sound with an indie disguise that can be fitted into any festival’s night.

Like the bands and solo artists you’re about to know here:

He Said

He Said is a pop rock band from New England. Lead singer, Shannon, created this band because she felt there was a need for more female vocals in the rock space. Growing up listening to the sound of early 2000’s pop-punk and the rebellion their songs came with inspired her to create the sound of this band. Originally coming from a male-dominated industry she dealt with many people telling her to be quiet and silencing her creativity entirely. This band is a response to that silence and to say no more, no matter age, gender, or appearance she has a voice and she’s going to use it.

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