Faith Groves + 7 great Country-Music discoveries

Faith Groves + 7 great Country-Music discoveries

Even if brilliant artists like Maren Morris announce their departure from the country style, it is undeniable that it is a genre that will continue to generate and provide talent not only for the Nashville constellation, but also for related genres such as pop, rock, folk and much more.

In this list, I brought together representatives from all aspects, starting with the inexplicable Faith Groves, certainly a name to be followed closely within showbiz. Check out.

Growing up I always knew that being a country music singer would be a future career, although it took some amazing people really believing in to give me the courage to chase my dream. I now live in Nashville and absolutely living the dream. “Get the Hell Outta My Way” expresses a lot of honest truth to it. It’s country with a little rock n roll. My hope is to share the ups and downs from her life through her music and to help others celebrate and overcome theirs.

Faith Groves

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Bonus: Kurt Lee Wheeler

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