Evan Dando in Brazil: gold digger at London Calling Discos

Evan Dando in Brazil: gold digger at London Calling Discos

Here we go for another unexpected chapter of Evan Dando’s stay in Brazil, or rather, in São Paulo, since he said that he considers himself more from São Paulo than from Rio (look out for the neighborhood feud!). In the middle of the post-carnival Thursday, isn’t it that the most beloved couple on the Ubatuba/Massachusetts axis Griffith and Teixeira dropped by the traditional bar Filial in Vila Madalena to the point of giving a pocket show to, according to gastronomic columnists from an unsuspecting newspaper, “nobody”?

It is as if the manager, waiters and a few visitors who were simply moved by the beauty of the spontaneous performance of an artist they had not known until then did not count in the public + artists equation. An afternoon in which Evan was taken, literally, to the masses… or to the pasta, since, for that matter, the gringo whose favorite dish is “whatever plate they put in front of him” (as his mother reveals), has nothing to complain about Brazilian cuisine.

But the ride didn’t stop there, because everyone knows that São Paulo is, above all, an inviting city, where every minute counts as the discovery of something that will make a difference in our lives (you realize that I’m also from São Paulo team right?). Evan also took the opportunity to visit Galeria do Rock, with its stores that are full of personalities from the city’s cult scene, as well as records, cd’s, tapes, imported or national, bootlegs, in addition to gadgets that you simply can’t find it nowhere in Brazil – and maybe that’s why it’s so difficult to find a cheaper price over there.

And on his way through one of the stores that today has become a character in the history of Brazilian rock, London Calling, Evan, always armed with his business card, that is, a guitar, presented owner Walter Thiago, staff and lucky customers with a version of “The Outdoor Type”: “It was a pleasure to have Evan Dando visit us at London Calling. He loved the store, bought records and insisted on playing for us“, reports Walter, who also exchanged ideas with Evan about his one time visit to the Taang! label, responsible for the first 3 Lemonheads albums, in the most punk phase.

Still according to Walter, Evan simply loved the hundreds of photos pasted on the wall of the store, most of them with gringo bands taken in an afternoon of autographs or pocket shows in the store. “Many of these bands belong to his friends, like MC5 and MUDHONEY“, says the owner of the historical records, the whole thing duly filmed and photographed by the tourist Dando. See more in the video:

What we have to say is that he is a super nice, humble and polite person, just like his girlfriend Antonia. We are very happy that he is super well, that’s what really matters most.

Walter Thiago, owner

And what you might be wondering now is: what albums did Evan buy at London Calling? Yes, I know that a collection as diverse and full of relics as the store’s would never go unnoticed by one of the greatest music lovers I know. According to Antonia, Evan spent USD 200 just on records, whose titles you can find out now:

4 vinyls bought by Evan Dando at London Calling:

1.Kiss – “Love gun”

2. The Jam – “In the City”

3. Velvet Underground – “VU”

4. Nico – “End”

London Calling at Galeria do Rock: 24 de Maio St., 62 – stores 302/304/306

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