Watch out for Adelina

Watch out for Adelina

One thing that the last 7 years of working intensely in the area of ​​music criticism and journalism has brought me is the ability to appreciate good pop music when I come across it. Okay, let’s say a single that has a woman sensually holding a pistol leaning against her motorcycle on the cover might have helped. But not as much as the delicious composition of “Out of Love”. I’m referring to the “new” pop diva Adelina Ademi or just Adelina – and don’t you dare confuse with Adele, she’s on another vibe.

She’s also a pretty good model

Originally from Perth, Western Australia with Kosovo Albanian roots, Adelina, (along with her fellow star Dua Lipa who’s from Kosovo), makes an unbeatable electro-pop, which is not limited to musical formulas imposed by producers: she writes her songs herself, and does it in the best way – with simplicity and a good sense for a catchy chorus.

Now you’re lost you’re finding me again

Don’t wanna let you down

But I’m out of love I’m out of love

Now I’m gone not sure you understand

Too late to save you now

Coz I’m out of love I’m out of love for you

“Out of Love”, the new single, it has everything a good pop song needs to not only climb the charts, but dominate the fans’ imagination. Featuring an electronic beat that recalls some of The Weeknd’s latest hits (especially “Blinding Lights”), the track speaks of love and neediness, but not in a cheesy way, but from the point of view of a woman who knows and needs to make choices, even if bitter.

Having released more than half a dozen singles since 2018, the singer and composer, who started in the music business as a child, is gradually creating a solid career in the pop industry, anchored in the trajectory of singers she admires like Beyoncé and, more apparently, Britney Spears. All this without forgetting the rock and roll footprint. As for the Grammys… Are you doubtful that it’s just a matter of time for Adelina?

Marcos Tadeu

Marcos Tadeu

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