Steffi Jeraldo and the new Americana sound

Steffi Jeraldo and the new Americana sound

First of all, for those who are not used to the term, the musical genre known as “Americana” is an amalgamation of other musical genres with similar roots, formed by the confluence of shared and varied traditions that form the ethos of American music. , specifically blends of folk, country, rhythm & blues, rock & roll and other influences from outside styles. With this wide range, we were able to label as Americana both alternative bands like Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown and pop singers like Taylor Swift, Jewel and Kacey Musgraves.

And it’s just a comfort to know that women are doing well, and very well, in a territory traditionally dominated by men. Thanks to the lyricism and flexibility of the genre, we have always had female composers who know how to express feelings, love, struggle, loss and conquest in a few chords and touching lyrics. As examples, we have here 5 artists, from different parts of the planet (not only USA) who sing about different themes but hit the nail in providing us with some true Americana hits.

Steffi Jeraldo – USA

Jeraldo’s sound has been described as, “golden, pure and sweet” and “an intimate listening experience that wraps you in a warm blanket of bright, soulful sunshine.”

 Born and raised in Sweden by immigrant parents from Romania and Chile, Jeraldo’s upbringing was influenced not only by a rich blend of several different cultures, but also a spirit of relentless bravery and strong work ethic. In 2011, Jeraldo was a contestant on Swedish Idol, following her winning of the National Swedish music competition for young artists, Musik Direkt. The next year, Jeraldo decided to make the move abroad to the U.S. and pursue a degree in Songwriting at Berklee College Of Music. Jeraldo headed for Nashville in 2016 to expand her musical family. In the summer of 2021, Jeraldo signed with Lady Savage MGMT & PR and will be releasing several singles with accompanying visual content leading up to the 2022 release of My Head and My Heart .

Wait, there’s more:

The Barbirds – USA

Melissa Marshall – Canada

Lotta Wenglén – Sweden

Kimberly Morgan York – USA

And tell us now….which one of these great artists you liked the most? Don’t forget to check this article too.

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