10 Country artists you might be loving right now

Whose bed have you boots been under?

Yes, if that line sparked a trigger inside you, your youth probably happened to the sound of a record by Shania Twain, the biggest pop star of all times. My fanaticism for her made me follow, even if from afar, all the news from Nashville. Today, from Taylor Swift to Kacey Musgraves, passing through Marren Morris and Kelsea, I can say that I still listen to this kind of music a lot.

And even more the so-called Alt (ernative) Country and Americana, which has bands like Uncle Tupelo and Whiskeytown as its great examples of how to make a rock without leaving the country atmosphere aside. It is with some satisfaction that I list here, now, some new artists from this field for you to follow... and love. Why not? Check it out!

10. DAWN - The Duet

9. Wake The Sun

8. Borrowed Sparks

7. Birds Over Arkansas


5. Jade Turner

4.Biddy Ronelle

3.The Nation Mourns

2. Smoky Mountains

1. Leif Shively Band

So, tell us now which one of these great artists you liked the most!


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