Limandi, Amelie Lucille + 12 new names of Americana / Singer Songwriter / Folk

Limandi, Amelie Lucille + 12 new names of Americana / Singer Songwriter / Folk

Perhaps the title of this post was surprising. How to put 3 different genres in the same playlist? Normally I select one genre or at most two. However, the artists selected here have something in common: an appreciation for melody. And why not, harmony. Acoustic or not, they are essentially organic songs, as is the case with our 2 highlights: exotic Limandi and the one already known to our readers, Amelie Lucille (increasingly more dramatic).


Hopin’ You’ll Be Fine

Meet Limandi, the self-made artist rewriting the rules of music.

Hailing from the Swedish countryside, Limandi’s journey began in solitude, spending three months crafting her unique sound in a studio. Nominated for the Denniz Pop Awards, she stands alongside the elite of Swedish producers.

Limandi’s voice is a force of nature, reminiscent of the greats yet entirely her own. From production to mixing, every note is her creation. Her sonic playground spans from experimental to pop and indie, driven by an insatiable love for new sounds and genres.

The songs “FUCK. IT.” “Hopin’ You’ll Be Fine,” and “How Fucking Hard” provide a glimpse into Limandi’s world — a place where music is more than notes; it’s an immersive journey.

Her raspy, seductive voice remains a constant, weaving stories that resonate with authenticity and emotion. In a music landscape saturated with the ordinary, Limandi is a beacon of individuality. Her art invites you to a world where every beat tells a story, every melody is a brushstroke. This is more than music; it’s an invitation to experience the extraordinary with Limandi.

Amelie Lucille

See me

Amelie Lucille, 15 year old New York singer/songwriter.

Her deep, emotional voice precedes her age.

Student at famous LaGuardia High School, Amelie Lucille passion for music started at 7 years old with Christmas gifted piano lessons and parents introduction to artists like Etta James, Bjork, Norah Jones and the Beatles. 

Amelie Lucille is released her debut self-titled album on June 15th 2023. “See me” is her second single release out 2/2.

She is a frequent performer at the legendary Bitter End as part of The Urban Garage series.

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