[WORLD PREMIERE] Amelie Lucille’s “Beautiful creature (bedroom recording)”

[WORLD PREMIERE] Amelie Lucille’s “Beautiful creature (bedroom recording)”

Beautiful Creature is first release from second album coming out in May. Second single “See me” will be released on 1/5 and I am especially excited about that one”. The american singer/songwriter Amelie Lucille explains with a bit of anxiety. Actually, she’s talking about the beautiful ballad she has just released, “Beautiful Creature (bedroom recording)”, a sweet song about a young girl trying to resist, or at least understand, how patriarchy has been running our society for too long.

Amelie: following the footsteps of Norah Jones and Jewel

This is my take on the daily struggle teenage girls face around self worth, body image, and purpose in today’s male-driven society. I recorded this in my bedroom in one take because I had something to say and I couldn’t wait for the studio time.

Amelie Lucille

More about Amelie

Amelie Lucille is a 15 year old New York singer/songwriter that defines the meaning of an “old soul”. Student at famous LaGuardia High School, Amelie Lucille started to write music at the age 7, influenced by artists like Etta James, Bjork, Norah Jones and the Beatles. Scholarship recipient at world renowned Interlochen singer/songwriter department, Amelie Lucille is following the footsteps of Norah Jones and Jewel that previously attended the program. 

Listen now, before anybody, Amelie Lucille’s new single “Beautiful Creature”:

Single cover by Ruby Tunney: “She’s the coolest” says Amelie, “we go to LaGuardia HS together“.

So, tell us now what did you think about Amelie’s new song. And don’t forget to check this article too.

“Beautiful Creature (bedroom recording)” is available now on your favorite streamings.

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