Phoenix Dark + 7 Indie Folk names to follow in 2024

Phoenix Dark + 7 Indie Folk names to follow in 2024

Well, we start 2024 and to make up for the fact that it’s been a while since we posted lists about Indie Folk here, this is the chance to redeem ourselves. In the first playlist of the year, we separate different artists who have in common a fine sensitivity for folk music, without losing touch with the most modern indie music. Starting with the fun Phoenix Dark to light up our lives. Enjoy.

Phoenix Dark

Phoenix Darklatest release of “The World Still Turns” moves in a more romantic and countrified direction; a charming duet that begins with just vocals and acoustic guitar. The excitement builds with electric guitars and the atmospheric Hammond organ, resulting in a triumphant celebration of togetherness! Exciting and uplifting, this delightfully engaging track embraces a timeless mood. An optimistic vocal performance coupled with wonderful instrumentation makes this song the ideal choice to be happy with!

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Bonus: Mo Klé

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