KingQueen: making rock n’ roll fun again

KingQueen: making rock n’ roll fun again

Rock as we know it is far from dead. However, if there’s one thing that rock has lost over the last few years, and that’s been gradually rescued by bands like Wet Leg and Mañeskin, it’s the fun. Which is why it’s so exciting that from Los Angeles, the land of fun bands like Guns N’ Roses, comes KingQueen.

KingQueen in action (instagram)

And to complete the fun, KingQueen has a daring frontwoman, Sabrina Petrini, who sings about relationships (but, of course, from the female point of view), as is the case with the explosive “Roller Coaster”, which deals with a toxic and unstable boyfriend/girlfriend. “I’m gonna dance all night to get over you“, she states. And if it depends on KingQueen‘s hit parade, so will we.

We just gotta keep being loud!

Sabrina Petrini


KingQueen is a LA based pop-rock band. The band was formed by by lead singer Ina aka Sabrina Petrini and consists of Adam Gimenez, Brandon Valerino, Jake Absher and Ella G. Burgos. The band has been seen on multiple platforms such as MTV, VH1, OutAt TV, Revry TV and American Music Awards.

2 3 Things about KingQueen by Sabrina Petrini

RC – What are the band’s expectations to hit the road for the West Coast tour starting this month?
SP – To reach as many people as possible, connect with new fans and create some beautiful memories! Just enjoying this journey.

RC – Is the Los Angeles rock scene still going strong today or has it never managed to regain the space lost to NY?
SP – The LA rock scene is very much still alive. I think the combination of music colleges around town which has a lot of musicians attending it naturally keeps the “real” music flowing as well as a lot of musicians from around the world moving to LA for its nostalgia and epic rock history – this is what I think is a big part of keeping it alive.

RC – In your opinion, is this the ideal time for women to rock the world?
SP – Oh yeah! It’s always an ideal time. We just gotta keep being loud!

KingQueen Next Tour dates

So, tell us what did you think about KingQueen’s sound!!!!

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