Where is Katie Drives going?

Where is Katie Drives going?

About “Next to you”, the main object of this article?

I’d tell you how much I missed listening to unpretentious rock like that. More precisely, since the nineties. Alongside Soccer Mommy, the German Katie Drives rescues the true power of rock compositions, with precise and economical chords, happy choirs and, of course, a lot of attitude. A type of organic sound that was greatly explored in the 90s, with the so-called alternative rock, and which, nowadays, has been replaced by a lot of effects and auto-tune.

Although Katie lists Paramore and Avril Lavigne as her main references, it is at the source of bands like Lush and Veruca Salt that she finds a little shelter. (Maybe you don’t know these bands, ok, the intention was to generate this curiosity). This is because the kind of rock that Katie produces can be fun, but it is never superficial, bringing, as in “Next to You”, a message of valuing one’s own self-esteem.

It’s like I’m shadowbanned

The observer all along

Should not be me instead

But both of us burning strong

“Next to you” Lyric

And it doesn’t end here. The young German has incredible versatility, and does well in both rock and pop, even melodic hardcore. In “Maniac” for example, the influence of Evanescence and Garbage is quite strong in her sound. Already on her YouTube channel, covers of the diva Dua Lipa and Shakira gain another contour with Katie’s semi-husky and smooth voice. And the most curious thing is that the pronunciation, as much as it conveys its native language, ends up becoming a lovely differential in her vocals.

Well, it’s not possible to know which direction this promising artist will take in 2023, but the certainty is that whatever path she chooses in terms of musical genres, her audience and, why not, her fan base, will be well served. Katie Drives will drive you crazy, no one doubts that anymore.

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Marcos Tadeu

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