EMMY, Earth to Cheska + 9 New Indie Pop gems

EMMY, Earth to Cheska + 9 New Indie Pop gems

It’s never been so beneficial to be pop in recent years. A genre that had previously been worn out within the market exploded in accordance with the advent of showbiz Divas: Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Rihanna… In a short time, this pop vibe spread to other styles, creating what is today we understand it as Indie or Alt Pop. In this list, I selected a good dozen artists like EMMY who live up to the title of owners of pop in 2024. Check it out:


EMMY is Emmy Hartman, a 24-year-old artist from Cleveland, Ohio, currently living in Los Angeles. Many first encountered Emmy in 2017 when she inadvertently went viral as “the girl who filmed her own emotional breakdown” after receiving a traffic ticket on her way to a concert. Wrote journalist Peyton Thomas, “For all the theorizing about how social media pushes us into panopticism and impels us to smooth out our imperfections, Hartman’s live broadcast from rock bottom was met not with scorn, but… love.”

Earth to Cheska


Earth to Cheska’ is a fierce-female indie pop project started by artist Cheska Zaide. She started her musical career at age 12, writing heartfelt teen angst anthems for her band, A+ Dropouts. In 2022, Cheska decided to embark on the ‘Earth to Cheska’ project, drawing from the idea of being the superhero of your own life and embracing an alter-ago, badass, confident version of yourself – Cheska vs the world.

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