Essy, Junes Ivy + 8 Dream/Alt Pop names you will be hearing in 2024

Essy, Junes Ivy + 8 Dream/Alt Pop names you will be hearing in 2024

It is undeniable that pop has evolved a lot in recent years. Thanks, in part, to the performance of female artists and increasingly renowned producers. Nowadays there is a whole know-how of music production focused on pop, which has generated several interesting subgenres such as dream-pop, indie-pop, alt-pop, electro-pop, pop-punk, bedroom-pop and many more which have melody as their main strength.

In this list, I’ve looked at some of the most interesting alt and dream-pop songs that have come my way in recent months. And for my grateful confirmation, we had great hits, with emphasis on two singers in particular: Essy, who goes beyond Taylor Swift’s new pop, delving into electronica, and Junes Ivy, who makes light alternative rock with an irresistible pop feel. 90s style.

Essy, born Rachel Braig, taught herself to play piano and began writing her own songs at eleven years old. Her gifted ear for melody and hooks secured her acceptance into NYU’s Steinhardt summer program at age 15 where she cut her teeth writing and learning from industry veterans Barry Eastmond (Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston) and Maia Sharpe (Carole King, The Dixie Chicks). She began writing and producing her own artist project in 2019, releasing her first EP “Second Thoughts” in May 2020. Essy’s beats are offset by clean, simplistic vocals and introspective storytelling that give her sound an effortless, organic quality. She thrives in a self-proclaimed “happy-sad” mode, with hard-hitting lyrics to make you cry and synthpop beats to make you dance while you’re doing it. Her second EP “Cry For Me” released April 23rd, 2021.

Junes Ivy

Junes Ivy: a memorable voice coming with a very soft tone, giving you dreamy, melancholic vibes. Influenced by today’s female Indie Music as well as bands like Mazzy Star or Hole, the Singer/Songwriter also takes you back to the 90s in a lot of moments. Starting off covering songs and singing in different projects, Junes Ivy has ended up finding her fulfillment writing and composing her own songs. Her debut-single „Overkill“ drops in April 2023. The debut album is also anticipated

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