Cold Equations + 7 Indie Rock revelations

Cold Equations + 7 Indie Rock revelations

Before we start talking about our new Indie Rock playlist here, I can’t help myself by saying that I’m actually very anxious about Cold Equations new album. I mean, a band that mentions Pavement, Elliott Smith, and Johnny Marr (and I would add the new stuff, such as Phoenix) as influences can’t be bad. As they said, Cold Equations are the result of a subversive and clandestine songwriting operation in the bedroom of guitarist/vocalist Drew Kohl, followed by Ryan Dishen (drums) and John O’Brien (bass). ‘Cold Equations’ is set to release this month.

Cold Equations

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Another amazing Indie Rock names such as Jane’s Party, returning to our site with another indie, folk song inspired mostly by Wilco, I suppose. And, of course, The Love Robots, already one of my faves.

Jane’s Party

Gabby & The Gondalas

Best Noodles In Town

Matthew And The Arrogant Sea


The Love Robots

Nalgo Bay

So, what did you think about our Indie Rock playlist? Don’t forget to check this one too!

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