SeineSation + 10 songs that proves Indie Rock has never been so well

SeineSation + 10 songs that proves Indie Rock has never been so well

Hey, I got a new sensation for all of you. And I’m not talking about the famous INXS song. I’m referring to the french singer singer-songwriter based in NYC, Seine, or, excuse me, SeineSation. In addition to all the freshness that Seine’s compositions bring to our ears (weary of commercial music driven by algorithms), they are recorded without the “aid” of the auto-tune tool, which automatically (oops) makes her more authentic than 98% of the artists who struggles for a place in the sun in showbizz.

Seine in NYC: she doesn’t need auto-tune

It is not by chance that the first sensation when I heard the torn and raw voice of Seine the name of Alanis Morissette came to my mind. Not just because nostalgic alternative rock – one of the genres she transitions into with ease. Separated for decades, both singers are not afraid to expose their fears and failures, but they never lose their tenderness and hope that one day women will be recognized as they should. Check it out:

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