Bo Milli + 12 Alt/Indie-pop names to entertain you until X-mas

Bo Milli +  12 Alt/Indie-pop names to entertain you until X-mas

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is already a little prepared for the traditional Christmas songs, in addition to the thawing of singers like Mariah Carey, of course. But if there’s an antidote to the monotony of this time of year, it’s called pop music. In this list, in question, we bring together men, women and bands that make a type of sound, above all, high-spirited. Starting with Norwegian Bo Milli, who has just released her first EP – and it’s fabulous.

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“I like it when songs are embarrassing,” says Bo Milli. “And I know every single embarrassing thing I’ve ever done.” The 21-year-old Norwegian musician has spent the past two years documenting her experience coming of age during a global pandemic. There were a lot of self-reflective moments, sure, but the subject matter moves beyond trying to process the inability to escape her own busy mind. “The climate crisis comes into everything,” she says. “I try not to let it, but it’s the backdrop to everything I write. It makes everything very trivial, which shapes my music but also my attitude.” The result? Brutally honest indie pop songs that perfectly articulate the struggles of an entire generation.

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