ANNIKA + 11 women of Alt.Country/Americana to mend your broken heart

ANNIKA + 11 women of Alt.Country/Americana to mend your broken heart

Every time I dare to include only women on a list, there is great repercussion. Not only from the artists themselves who get to know other cool artists, but especially from men.

Some, I have to confess, check the list because they underestimate the quality of so many women gathered in one or two musical genres like Alt.Country. But, thank God, most people recognize the talent of each of the names I select to be here, which ends up becoming a huge contribution to any personal playlist out there.

Come on!


Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, ANNIKA has taken a new musical direction since moving on from the country-pop duo Leaving Thomas. Inspired by artists such as Elton John, Carole King and Alicia Keys, ANNIKA’s new sound combines her love of country songwriting with heartfelt piano playing and melodic vocals.

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Bonus: Arielle Silver

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