Bethany Sin in the house of grunge

Bethany Sin in the house of grunge

You just know when you’re dealing with such passionate and real musicians. That’s the case here. We’re talking about the awesome new british rock/punk band Bethany Sin: just one guy and one girl who delivers the best you’ve never hear in terms of grunge these days. Yep, perhaps you’ll get the amazing feeling of hearing the late Chris Cornell in some of the tracks of their new album “Illumination“.

I’m so proud when I hear comparisons to Chris Cornell or any singer . That means I’m doing something close to right.

Christian Starkey – Singer songwriter guitar

Debbie and Christian: Bethany Sin (@bethany_sin)

About Bethany Sin

Bethany Sin’s the creation of guitarist singer songwriter Christian Starkey forming the band at the start of lockdown 2020. With Debbie Wildish on drums, they formed this duo to streamline creativity when writing. Their songs are born of fools and hero’s and unfortunately deaths.

Influenced by Neil Young, Nirvana, Kings of Leon, Jeff Buckley and Soundgarden, among many others. “ It’s beautiful music with a brutal tone and truth and a knowing of what it’s there to do catchy choruses beautiful melodies and a punk ethic that is alternative rock music”, says Starkey. 

2 things about Bethany Sin

RC- Despite being an authorial band, Bethany Sin is a great tribute to the artists you call “fools and hero’s and unfortunately deaths”. Do you think big names like Kurt, Chris, Layne and Buckley will find replacements in a possible new rock age?

CS – I’m referring to myself and my experiences when I say fools and hero’s not the big 4. I don’t judge others we have no egos in Bethany Sin.What a question I’d say yes if they were given the chance. I’m so proud when I hear comparisons to Chris Cornell or any singer . That means I’m doing something close to right. I mean real singers not taught in a school UK now singers who taught themselves there the people who have the soul to feel the music whatever form it takes. At this moment in time I’d say the reason we won’t find new versions of those singers is because maybe the man on the street doesn’t have an iPhone or a way in these days. I mean it’s all about celebrity and likes …. Not So much in music these days. I mean to get signed you normally need to fill a tick in some AnR guys note pad.  

RC – You guys rock genuinely with just 2 members in the band. Will this be a limitation when they can perform live? Are there any plans for Bethany Sin’s post-pandemic?

CS – Well we are currently a duo but we have seen a few bass players but they haven’t been right. It’s more vibe and feel than technical skill that interests us. I mean we recorded and mixed our album in 7 days. We are truly an independent band. And we definitely want to tour and before we do we will add that 3rd member. 

Listen to “Blackout Feeling”

Honest composition that lives up to some of the references cited by the artist, especially Soundgarden. In fact, I would highlight Cornell’s solo career, which is what resonates with Bethany Sin’s vocals and chords. “Blackout Feeling” is a nostalgic trip to the soundtrack of the movie “Singles”, a time when grunge ruled.

Listen now to “Sleepers”

One more firecracker from this band: “Sleepers”. Unlike what bands like Creed and Bush do, Bethany Sin manages to honor grunge icons without sounding dated or opportunistic. The vocals are a nice blend between Kurt, Layne and Cornell and the 2 compositions I’ve heard so far are an encouragement for the orphans of good music created in the 90s.

I hope Bethany Sin continues to compose, believing in the value of what she does, we need of honest bands like that to keep loving rock.

Now, tell us what you think about Bethany Sin’s grunge sound!

Marcos Tadeu

Marcos Tadeu

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