Amelie Lucille + 17 new Alt. Country/Americana artists

Amelie Lucille + 17 new Alt. Country/Americana artists

It’s been a while since I’ve made one of my favorite listings available, that of and bucolic genres that we love so much. And how wonderful to have an overwhelming majority of women emerging in this territory!

One of the big revelations is 14-year-old new yorker Amelie Lucille, who not only sings like an adult, but writes like an adult.  “I am 14 and so new to all of this. Thank you for believing in me“, she said to me the moment I picked her lovely ballad “Token”.

By the way, Amelie Lucille, a frequent performer at The Urban Garage series at the iconic The Bitter End club, released her debut self-titled album this month. And it’s simply beautiful.

Amelie Lucille

Amelia Presley

Roslyn Witter

Lotta Wenglén

Lauren Reno

Sarah Segal-Lazar

Evelyn Cools

Steph Amoroso

Sara Kelly

See also:

Subway Wall

Josh Wingate

Andrew Rodgers

William J. Thompson III

Broken Radio

The Hello Darlins

Doug Levitt

Bite the Blue Lemon

Kyle McKearney

Bonus: Marshall Williams

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