7 new female singers to enjoy instantly

Here we go again... and thank goodness! How good it is to hear new female voices, how good it is to be able to count on the increasingly massive participation of these artists in our cultural scene.

This selection includes pop singers, rockers and folk artists who know a lot about music. And the main thing, they know how to sensitize us, as is the case of the singer who opens this list, the passionate Nadia Kamrath, an American who brings in restrained singing makes a deep connection between the indie of Mazzy Star and the unpretentious pop of Sipence None The Richer.

She's got the look (and the voice): Nadia Kamrath

Also on this list is the amazing Estella Dawn, which is an Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone crossover on a sunny day. I cannot fail to highlight, here, the passionate singing of Ally Ahern, one of the most authentic and courageous artists I have come across this year.

Ally Ahern is furious

Well, as for the others, I'll leave the imagination to you... Enjoy!

Nadia Kamrath


Estella Dawn

Ally Ahern

soFiA Lainovic

Anie Valentine


So, now we wanna know ... did you really enjoy the women in this list? Which ones do you like the most? Check the male artists list as well!


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