Stellan Perrick + 6 male artists calling the shots worldwide

Stellan Perrick + 6 male artists calling the shots worldwide

We have said a lot here – deservedly – about women artists. However, we have to point out that times have never been so positive for male solo artists. The examples are many: from Shawn Mendes to Sam Fender, from Jon Batiste to Kendrick Lamar.

In this article, we travel around the world to find some singer-producer-songwriters who deserve your attention not only for their mature work, but for their charisma. No matter the platform or genre, everyone on this list has the well-written song as their main support.

Stellan Perrick

Our journey begins in Germany, where young producer Stellan Perrick kind of revolts at the difficulty of communicating with his artists. The desire to pass on his own message and then show the world his musical identity made Stellan, a truly Prince and Michael Jackson fan, change the soundboard for the microphone, offering us one of the most promising singles of 2022. “Golden baby is my own personal story which is a little dark. But the idea was to take that darkness and make it somehow enjoyable“, he says.

I have just always wanted to experiment with ideas I had and all I needed was an outlet.

Stellan Perrick

2 3 Things about Stellan Perrick

RC – Tell us a little bit about your artistic and personal journey until “Golden Baby”…. how was it? 

SP – Although ‘Golden Baby’ is my first official debut single, I’ve been making music for nearly 7 years now. I have definitely grown over this period of time and it has taken a lot of work to sharpen my skills at the level I am now. I started out wanting to do music production for EDM, house, deep and electronic music. Alongside making my own stuff, I used to produce for other singers. I reached a point where I wasn’t satisfied with the singing of those singers because they couldn’t get it the way I wanted. Sometimes they wouldn’t understand and sometimes they were just not interested. This led me to start singing myself, and since then, I’ve been sharpening my skill in every way possible. I don’t have a background in music per say, I haven’t taken any coaching, I have just always wanted to experiment with ideas I had and all I needed was an outlet. So the minute I got my hands on some equipment, I started playing around, and I always gravitated towards it ever since. 

For the ‘Golden Baby’ project, I worked with a producer from Spain with whom I connected with. We brought in instrument players for live recording, a mastering engineer and it all came together. Artistically, my music skill has developed, and more so now because of how much I’m learning working with other people. For the most part I had been making music by myself, producing, lyrics etc. Now working with more and more people, the musical journey for me will definitely be a learning experience throughout. I had a lot of fun, at times I do get frustrated and stressed, and at times I can get too detail oriented, at times nothing makes sense and you start over. But that’s the nature of the work, you keep chipping away until the sculpture shows itself! The end result is what makes the whole thing worth it!

RC – How do you deal with comparisons with The Weeknd and even Prince?  Do you enjoy them or are your influences much different than that?   

SP – I love Prince and The Weeknd. I used to listen to them constantly, and I still listen to them. I look up to Prince and Michael Jackson. I am very much influenced by all of them in many, many ways. Every artist has a different story, so I think if people can relate to an artist from listening to someone else’s music, it’s great! At the end of the day, it’s about the entertainment, and all music artists share one thing, it’s the love for music. So in a way, every artist can be compared to every other one. Because we all share the same love for music!

RC – What are the biggest challenges to the independent artists life abroad, in your opinion?  

SP – Being an independent artist abroad has its ups and downs. It’s harder to connect with people of similar interests since the barrier can be in culture, language, and any aspect of the place you are not used to. But the good part of it is that you get to see a different side of how they view music, and how they work, and what gets them going. You see new ways of people working that you haven’t seen. I sure learnt a lot from connecting with people and dealing with barriers. Ultimately, I think passion is what keeps it going, when you have a group of people who are equally passionate about something. language sometimes doesn’t even matter, you just connect instinctively to each other, and you just know what the other person is thinking and feeling. 

Get to know 6 another great male artists calling the shots around the world:

Ominous The Spirit – USA

Yeah. I loved the background synth sound. It’s simple, and simple is good. It makes the whole pack much more exciting. Ominous The Spirit shows a big concern about the melody, which is quite rare to find on other rappers today. You reminded me of Kanye West’s good old times, besides M83 and such….

Kevin The Persian – USA

Kevin The Persian almost got me fooled by the title of this song, I have to say it….:) But what this gentle American (not Persian, lol) shows is that rock and roll has never been so much better. Kevin knows exactly how to make a beat that goes straight to my heart. Our hearts. And souls. In the end, we all sold our souls to rock and roll.

Mathieu Saïkaly – France

At this point, I’m already a fan of Mathieu’s work. This single reminded me of Kings of Convenience, but most of all, it reminded me the french artist is so unique. Mathieu makes pure acoustic music, and it’s quite rare to see artists like him these days that don’t depend on technology to make art. His music is natural, a force of the nature. His music is water to my ears. Thank you.

Alex Kontsov – USA

I get a lot of songs each day, but since I read “Riders on the Storm” on my dashboard I came right through. That’s my favorite The Doors’ tune. Kontsov’s version added a little bit of Depeche Mode touch on it, even tough it goes further to a more jazzy song. I don’t know what the steady Doors’ fans would say about your creation, but I liked a lot.

Séraphin – France

Leonard Cohen has been gone for some time, leaving a vacuum in our world culture. That’s why I feel very happy to hear this single that refers to all that noble and classy atmosphere that we often find in Cohen’s music. Not to mention that this female backing vocal is irresistible. Séraphin, how nice to have you among us. Welcome, my man.

Daniele Nick – Italy

It’s incredible this wave of rockers coming from Italy, which until then only exported romantic music – Laura Pausini. I’m enjoying it too much. “Quiete”, in this case, dialogues very well with, guess who…. Maneskin…. Italians have a beat like no other, and the language is the most melodic I’ve ever heard.

So, tell us now what did you think about our list of great male artists!

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