14 (more) candidates for the Alt.Country Breakup Club

14 (more) candidates for the Alt.Country Breakup Club

Respond quickly if you can. When do you know you’re listening to a real alternative country gem?

a) when the tears starts to flow

b) when the heart squeezes

c) when you realize you need to order one more beer

d) all of the above answers

Well, if you answered (d), congratulations. You are close to understanding what an alt.rock ballad means to someone who has learned to listen to music as a kind of second language. To make this list, I couldn’t resist a sneaky new “play” on each of the tracks and, I must say, it moved me a lot, as it will move you. Grab your beer and let’s go.

Kyle McKearney

Shaked Sanity  and Linda Hartmanns

Range Life

Mark Rolfe

Emiliano Ortiz

jugo verde

Byrne Method

Cary Cooper

Tanner Usrey

Tanner Carlton

Brandon’s Breakup Club

Ryan Neely

Electric Candlelight

Dru Cutler

Bonus: Present Peasant

So, which one of them really made you cry? Also, take a look on this list!

Marcos Tadeu

Marcos Tadeu

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