10 Groover discoveries that will blow your mind

10 Groover discoveries that will blow your mind

If you’re new to the Groover platform, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Whether you are a journalist, digital influencer or even an artist, here is a tool that allows you to get in touch with important personalities in the music market, often people you would hardly have contact through traditional means.

For the work I do at Rock Cabeça, whether on the website, social networks or even on the radio, Groover has become an important source of discoveries for new artists around the world. Talents from Canada, Italy, France, the United States and Japan that perhaps I would never have known were it not for this tool that is already part of my daily life.

The biggest challenge, of course, is being able to keep up with so much good music being released practically 24 hours a day, in the 4 corners of the world. In this article, I select 10 among the dozens of artists that have surprised me the most in recent weeks. Hope you like it.

Stellan Perrick

I was blown away with his song. If he did all that all by himself, I can only imagine what he could do with a great studio and a little bit of money. I know he’s on the path to be huge as The Weekend, except that he don’t seem to be arrogant as he is. In fact, Stellan reminded me a lot of Miguel (with simple tunes and a catchy vocal). The track “Golden Baby” will be release on May 13th


Tell me: what’s up with Italy these last few years releasing so many interesting rock bands? What musical fountain are they drinking there? As if Maneskin’s worldwide success wasn’t enough, this country doesn’t stop presenting us with good music. This diversification is very good for rock, and the Italians have the sensuality and talent necessary for this genre to return to the charts, just like Deshedus.

 Dave Favours & The Roadside Ashes

I’m writing this by only hearing the intro. I just loved, it’s so Neil Young – Hey Hey My My. The connection is deep. I also love americana and alt-country, and Dave Favours have mentioned Jason Isbell on the press release… Well, he’s one of my favorites along with Ryan Adams of course. The rest of the song is perfect too. Quite reminded my of The Thrills (“Santa Cruz is not that faaaar”….) I already know that Australia can release some good rock pop music, but I didn’t know Australia can make such a good americana tune as this one.

Molly Pepper

This lead singer is simply wonderful. She has the rock and roll star attitude that we kind lost in this last decade. Molly Pepper does not own anything to bands like The Kills, White Stripes, Gossip, Yeah Yeah Yeahs … I’m amazed with “All the Things” sound quality and the video is stunning.

Before the Dinosaurs

You are the only one with the key to the cage.” It’s quite funny, cos’ I was just talking about it with my psychologist. Before The Dinosaurs can make a really uplifting rock and roll song, and we need it so badly these days. They also got the swing, something we left in the nineties and bands like Dave Matthews Band have been trying so hard to keep alive. It seems like Before the Dinosaurs are making music for people who have been hurt for too long and now just wanna enjoy life and grab some beer. Thank you for that. Incredible work to put out.


What a music, my friends, what a music. I think it’s the soundtrack to the panic generated by the pandemic around the world. A portrait of the pain and aggression held back during all this time. From the pain of loss, from rock stars, from the loss of loved ones, from the loss of our own freedom. The husky voice reminds of Kurt Cobain at times, Chester at others. beautiful. The most beautiful thing I’ve heard this year, probably. Thank you for that. LET ME SING!!! Powerful.

The Fixer

Dark Sexy Loud. Yeahhhh. I liked the industrial metal with some female vocals on it. I’ve never seen this formula before, it works so well on Take You Home. Perhaps on Evanescence, but The Fixer are way way better.

Niall The Urchin

There are some bands that comes to my mind while I was listening to this. Devo – B52 – Talking Heads – Franz Ferdinand – Blur – Glass Animals. By the way, I love spoken words within the songs. I guess Niall The Urchin make a truly authentic sound. There’s a lot of singalongs and the bass is a must.

Chester Doom

The first thing that came to my mind while I was listening it : Guns and Roses – “Don’t You Cry“. In the good old days of hard-rock, there was no one better than them to blend some emotional keyboards with a complete wall of sounds. The riffs are powerful and the vocalist sings like Plant in the good old days.


Well, when I first read your pitch I got a little scared. I mean….reggae, spanish and Tool? WTF….! The curious thing is: I loved the combo. About blending different sounds from a lot of countries, Santana did that a couple of times and the rest is history. In my opinion, Lunarcode can be next Santana. “Marchate” is very sensual and , most of all, have a good singalong line.

So, tell us now which one of them you liked the most!

Marcos Tadeu

Marcos Tadeu

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