Zebra Crossing + 8 great new Alternative Rock bands

Zebra Crossing + 8 great new Alternative Rock bands

From Sweden to Brazil, we brought together the best of the global Alternative Rock scene in recent months. Check out:

Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossing is a rock band from Stockholm, Sweden, an unknown super group trio, comprised of one instrumentalist, one man with tattoos and one blonde provocateur. With long musical backgrounds in pop, techno and jazz, Zebra Crossing was finally founded because of the members inherent urge to rebel and common obsession with snappy riffs, great vocal hooks and raw power. The band is currently working on their debut album, a musical concoction of rock, pop and punk that resonates in your body, making you want to shake every limb and shout out to preachers and presidents that you are cooler than them.

See also:

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The Origin


Bonus: Virgin Prunes

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