Playlist: 14 Best Rock Tracks you’ll ever hear in 2022

Okay...I know many of you must complain when good old rock is not fully in focus on a page that has "rock" in its name. I understand. So guess what. I present to you my favorite playlist with some of the best rock bands I've been listening to lately. And when I say rock, I really mean rock: bass, drums and very loud guitars. Are you ready?

Chester Bennington - Grey Daze

Elessar UK - Gold

Jane's Party - Days of My Youth

The Alive - "The Time"

Kinda Evil - "Teeth"

Die Tired - "Play"

Henry Ryeder - "Love Ain't No Open Door"

Lover Lamp - "Love (the dance)"

Straijer - "Cherry's Bent"

Emiliano Ortiz - "Midnight"

Break Me Down - "Lose your mind"

Bones Shake - "Come Home"

Two Minutes Hate - "It's not the fall that kills you...."

Mitch Jones x Judge & Jury x Escape the Fate: "Darkness"

Bonus: KLEN - Down The Pen

Which one of these artists did you like the most? Tell us in the comments!


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I’m the Prince of Darkness” - Ozzy

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