Independence Day: Evan Dando + Apollo in SP

Independence Day: Evan Dando + Apollo in SP

Living on a large farm, as is the case in Belo Horizonte (MG), has only disadvantages. The worst of them is never knowing beforehand dates of cool shows, an undisputed monopoly of São Paulo. And it was all of a sudden that I discovered a “shy” concert date by Evan Dando in São Paulo on the emblematic holiday of September 7th – Independence Day in Brazil. The presentation in question will be at Bar Alto, an intimate place for few payers, with tickets at affordable prices between R$ 50 .00 and R$55.00 (10 USD).

But this time Evan won’t be alone on the acoustic set: he shares the stage with none other than Apollo Carvalho, from the Apollo 9 studio, a name that has already worked with national music medallions such as Rita Lee, Planet Hemp and, more recently, Samuel Rosa. It is he who is helping Evan, with whom he apparently gets along very well, to finally get the likely successor of “Varshons 2” off the ground.

Well, and for those who didn’t believe that a new album would exist (a lot of people in that quota there, see?), Apollo says that, from a probable EP of few songs (including covers), the material escalated and an album full of unpublished material starts to be designed. About the setlist, Apollo adds that they will bring some awesome news: “Look, we will have some old ones by other artists, some classic Lemonheads and some new ones (unpublished) yes!”

Soon after performing in São Paulo – by the way, a commitment that wasn’t even announced on the Lemonheads’ social networks because it was like a “just for fun” option on Evan’s part (who couldn’t wait to play for an audience again after weeks inside the studio), the first destination is New Jersey.

There the Lemonheads open the American mini-tour commemorating the 30th anniversary of the album “Come on Feel The Lemonheads” which will feature, along the way, 2 members of the Blake Babies: John P. Strohm and Juliana Hatfield (soon we will have an interview here with the third element, drummer Freda Smith). But while they are not back on the road, Evan and Antonia are visiting friends at the trendy Jurerê Internacional Beach, in Florianópolis. As usual, he’s (always) on the beach.

Service: Evan Dando + Apollo Nove

Dia 7 de setembro

Rua Aspicuelta, 194

Abertura do Bar Alto: 18h00

Show a partir de 19h30

Ingresso Antecipado: R$50 (Lote Único)

Porta: R$55 (sujeito a disponibilidade)

Marcos Tadeu

Marcos Tadeu

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