Evan Dando: New Album on the way

Evan Dando: New Album on the way

I have to confess that I am very sad that Evan is not in Brazilian territory at this moment. So, keep writing about him is a way to get around nostalgia – what we call “saudade” or simply “sdds” in Brazil. Before we get into the “new album” subject, it’s good to point out that the photo that illustrates this article was taken this week by fan-friend Shant Pelley, in Halifax, Nova Scotia – Canada, where the Lemonheads played a single show, and fulfilled the promise to perform “Hate your Friends”. Pelley, also called “Spant”, has been on Evan’s orbit since the 90’s and had a blast last evening (further details of the show you’ll see in the next article). Nice to see that Ev was wearing one of his Brazilian mini-tour t-shirt, also made by our talented friend Magoo Felix.

After the heat here comes cold (Shant Pelley)

So great to see Evan again. We hit some record stores earlier in the day and closed out a bar for a drink afterwards. The show was so much fun! Evan seems well. Got to meet Antonia finally as well. I’m glad she seems to be keeping him on the straight and narrow!

Spant Relley – fan number 2

The Lemonheads as a four piece (Shant Pelley)

The New Lemonheads/Evan Dando Album

Contrary to what many haters think, Evan also dedicated his 3 months in Brazil, until then, to record a demo of what will be his new album. It is not known whether it will be a successor to “Varshons 2” or more of a solo. And to make the haters even more furious, Evan is counting on the little help of one of the most renowned producers of national pop-rock, Apollo Carvalho (A9) , who has works with Rita Lee, Planet Hemp and Seu Jorge on his resume – to name just a few. Evan and Apollo met through Antonia’s family and the connection was instantaneous.

Apollo and Rita Lee

We hit it off right away, he really is a very special guy with a unique pop sensibility. It’s pretty awesome. We made a demo with 3 songs with Evan playing all the instruments (drums, guitar, bass, singing) and some other tracks just voice and guitar. In terms of voice and guitar, most of the things he did were incredible, very interesting covers. But the 3 songs with the full band are brand new. And that’s it, that’s it for now. It’s a 3-song demo of his new material, a new phase. It’s in a really cool moment, it was a lot of fun recording it and the sound is amazing, we’re mixing this demo right now.

Apollo Carvalho – producer

Evan at A9 (Apollo’s Instagram Account)

One of the songs Evan recorded with Apollo is the introspective “Fear of Living”, that, in addition to probably being inspired by his recent visit to Brazil, such as “All my life”, it could very well fit in an album like “Baby I’m Bored”. Check out a live version of the new track, performed at the Fabrique Club show in São Paulo this month:

Editor’s note: “Fear of Living” is a collaboration with musician Dan Lardner (Gran Rapids, QTY). The two will write together more songs for the next album. It is worth noting that Lardner will also join Evan on tour with the Psychedelic Furs.

The unpublished material insights

As I already announced here, Evan himself sent me a bunch of videos, including records of the studio recordings with Apollo, which I will keep confidential. However, like a fly on the wall, I decided to share with you some of my impressions of what I had the privilege of seeing and hearing.

In one take, Evan records the vocals for a full band song. A track that reminded me of the fun and obscure tracks from “Come on Feel”, like “You can’t take it with you”. It begins with the drums. It goes with “I’ll be out here if you need to find me“, just before Ev get confused with the excerpts and drop a curse word.

The same song, this time mixed, we see in another video, while Evan and Apollo practically dance and are enthusiastic about the result. It’s a song totally based on paused and rhythmic guitar riffs, as we already heard in “Confetti”. Evan’s joy demonstrates that we are facing the next hit by the Lemonheads.

In another take, Evan appears recording the bass of what appears to be the same song, but in a different verse – and totally exciting by the way. What I hear here is a kind of hybrid between Car Button Cloth and the Lemonheads album, but with a hint of joy and freshness.

In another video, Evan records repeatedly vocals for “Fear of Living”, with lyrics that go something like this: “Life is short and unforgiven. I Only Fear the Living”. Due to the degree of difficulty he demonstrates in getting the tone of the song he wrote himself, I can say that this will be his “How much I’ve lied”.

As you can see, it’s great to be a Lemonheads fan after 40. Good things are coming.

I never doubted.

What about you?

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