Evan Dando in Brazil: the story behind the print

Evan Dando in Brazil: the story behind the print

If there is a band that has always stood out for the good taste of their t-shirts, it is called Lemonheads. I keep my official ones myself, from different phases of the band, and one with the words “Look after yourself” practically walked alone due to the use I made of it (RIP My Favorite T).

And continuing our tropical saga “Evan Dando in Brazil”, today we are going to tell the story behind a print that turned Evan into a cartoon character, made by the legendary illustrator, musician, designer from São Paulo who goes by the simple nickname of Magoo Felix, or just Magoo.

Photo by Antonia Teixeira

The story behind the print and, consequently, the T-shirt made by a Brazilian that became an official Lemonheads merchandising item began with an exchange of ideas between Antonia (Evan’s better half, as you know) and Magoo. According to him, they lived in the same neighborhood.

“I’m a big fan of Lemonheads, the band is in my TOP 5 or TOP 10 of indie-rock. I’m an illustrator, and in the exercise of liking bands that are very hard to find, mainly those from the late 80’s and early 80’s in the 90s, like Suicidal, Black Flag and Circle Jerks, I started designing and painting my own t-shirts. Then I had a Lemonheads one that I designed and I started meeting people who also liked Lemonheads. But I wanted to design one that was just mine and I started looking up some pictures of Evan on the internet and for some reason I started drawing him, and I realized that he resembled the mascot of the Circle Jerks, and I drew him in that position, as well as the logo was based on the Circle logo Jerks. When I found out that Antonia was dating Evan, I decided to send her to see it. And she automatically showed Evan and the band’s manager, who freaked out and wanted to release it as official merchandising. Then she asked me if I would sell the illustration to them . And it was a the emotion so great that I decided not to charge, I gave it as a gift”.


Drawing that inspired the Lemonheads print

A fan meets his idol

Magoo also says that he has been to all Lemonheads shows in Brazil, in Belo Horizonte, at the M2000 Summer Concert, and to several clubs in São Paulo, but he never had such close contact as he does now, despite admitting to having talked with him at that time even with his limitations with the English language.

The big meeting between them, a few weeks ago, was due to the fact that Magoo helped Lirinha in setting up Evan’s recording studio at the house in Serra da Cantareira, and since then they have been getting together to chat – with Antonia and son Dylan in tow to translate into English – in addition to playing (Magoo is also part of the indie band Twinpines which has just turned 20 and will be the highlight of the Rock Cabeça show on Rádio Inconfidência next week).

By the way, jamming with Evan seems to be something of a rite of entry for anyone wanting to get close to the Lemonheads frontman, one of the most musical people I’ve ever heard of.

Magoo is one of the albums he claims to have listened to the most in his life.

In the first, let’s say, “reunion” this month, which generated the photo below taken by Evan inside the car, Magoo said he enjoyed the company and the “brodage” so much that he simply forgot to register. Everything stayed in memory and impressions: according to Magoo, Evan is very “hyperactive, super creative, gets excited about everything, can’t see an instrument he wants to play, likes to exchange ideas, talk, does a thousand things at the same time“. The poor English, however, left Magoo wanting to express himself more about the bands he and Evan like. “He was very helpful in wanting to exchange ideas in his crazy way that outsiders might not understand, but which is part of my universe because I’m crazy too“, assumes Magoo.

And who isn’t when it comes to The Lemonheads?

Magoo and until then the only photo of the meeting with Evan Dando in São Paulo

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And for you, which Lemonheads print do you like the most? Say it in the comments!

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