Charlie Grant: “Noel Gallagher is the reason I started writing songs”

Charlie Grant: “Noel Gallagher is the reason I started writing songs”

Let’s go back in time, back to 1991, when a young man known as Noel Gallagher was able to put on paper all the influences he received from some of the biggest rock artists in the world, from McCartney to Weller.

Now, it’s 2021, the post-pandemic period, where we hear another young man, named Charlie Grant, treat us to some of the most powerful classic rock and pop songs you haven’t probably heard in years. Yes, as you guessed it, Grant has as one of his biggest influences Noel Gallagher, today a complete reference for the new generations who still worship songwriting. “I am a massive Oasis fan from the beginning and to be honest, Noel Gallagher is the reason I started writing songs“, he confess.

Even though his previous single “Highest Highs” has an Ed Sheeran / Bruce Hornsby/ Badly Drawn Boy feel, it’s in “I Got The Fear” that Grant finds the core of his creation: the classic rock, and blues based bands like Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones. With a little “help” from one of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ backing vocals, Jessica Greenfield, the track has its own punch that could easily be part of any album in Noel’s solo career.

Mrs. Greenfield in action

Berlin based singer/songwriter Charlie Grant got his first break in music as a songwriter for hire, writing songs recorded by international artists like Marco Mengoni, Spice Girl Melanie C, Michael Patrick Kelly, MoTrip, Simply Red, Hundreds and Colin Blunstone of The Zombies, among others.

Charlie is also a member of More Than Ruins who released their highly praised debut single Black Lines in December 2019 and is half of Spirit Animal Kollektiv along with friend and writing partner Jonathan Kluth. They released their first single Embers into Fires – Featuring VILLFORTH on 14/02/20.

I’m more of a classic rock guy

Charlie Grant

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Yes, Grant knows Brazilian music too

RC – How did you get to know Jessica Greenfield? Is Noel Gallagher and Oasis a major influence on your sound?
CG – I met Jessica around 10 years ago, she came in to sing the demo vocal on a song I’d written called “It Is What It Is” that was meant to be pitched for other artists to use, but that I ended up recording for my own artist project because I liked it too much to give away. We got along great and I was blown away by her voice, so I brought her in to sing on things whenever I needed a great female singer. She adds so much to I Got The Fear, I think. It wouldn’t be the same without her! Yes, I am a massive Oasis fan from the beginning and to be honest, Noel Gallagher is the reason I started writing songs so yes, a major inspiration and influence for sure. 

(Don’t fear) Charlie Grant

RC – “I Got The Fear” and “Highest Highs” are two completely different songs. What touches you the most: pop music or classic rock and roll? What can we expect about your next album? 
CG – I honestly love any music where soul, talent and authenticity shine through but in my heart of hearts, I’m more of a classic rock guy. I’m going to focus on writing and recording an instrumental guitar focused EP next, I have loads of ideas and riffs that need to be knocked into shape and I like the challenge of keeping them interesting without lyrics or vocals.

RC – We love Oasis here in Brazil. Do you fancy our music or music, what Brazilian artists do you know? 
CG – I’ve been to Brazil a lot over the years, but mostly as a child and teenager as my Dad lived in Rio and São Paulo on and off while I was growing up (my step mother was from Rio) and I love so much about your country, many many great memories from spending time there. Music wise, I have to admit that I don’t know so much about what’s currently happening as I was exposed mostly to my Dad’s generation of artists, so people like Baden Powell, Milton Nascimento, Bebel Gilberto, Gilberto Gil…things like that. I’ve really got to get more up to date with current artists. 

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