Amnesia +13 artists that prove why Indie is my favorite genre

Amnesia +13 artists that prove why Indie is my favorite genre

At this point, it’s no secret that, despite my affection for pop divas, there’s always a little corner reserved for indie on my bookshelf. After all, I have no news of a musical style that manages to unite passion and independence like this one.

In this list, I made it a little different: I start with the hermanos from Amnesia, and I end with the bonus of another band that makes the most original slowcore I have news: La Faute. Along the way, please make sure to have a lot of fun.


With a lead singer that’s probably the reincarnation of Kurt Cobain, Amnesia is a four piece Argentinian indie-rock band with, guess what, a lot of grunge influence. The band are: Gonzalo Fazzinga (voz, guitarra), Franco Russo (guitarra principal), Dante Cardozo (batería) y Juan Eraña (bajo). Check “The Others” from their most recent EP. For those who are missing Nirvana so much, like me.

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Bonus: La Faute

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