Juniper + The first Alt.Country list of 2023

Juniper + The first Alt.Country list of 2023

And here we go again, on the first list of the year 2023. One of the most profitable and, consequently, funniest lists on this site. And on this list, in question, I bring a novelty that promises to stand out this year: Juniper, a New Jersey teen who makes catchy bubblegum/punk music with a 60s/70s twist: the result, pure The sound reminded me of Courtney Barnett a lot, but you can take your own conclusion! We also have the greatness of Sleepy Pearls and the look-like Wilco Dari Bay, among other super talents.

Have fun!


Thomas Sartor

Sleepy Pearls

Dari Bay

Steven Taetz

David Green

Mike Stinson & Johnny Irion

Nate Amor

December Friend

Ljug Aldrig

Bonus: River Town Saints

So tell us now which one do you liked the most. And don’t forget to send your song for us, your band could be on lists like this!

Marcos Tadeu

Marcos Tadeu

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