ALIBII + 3 fe/male rock bands you should know by now

ALIBII + 3 fe/male rock bands you should know by now

Starting with ALIBII, a couple of sydney songwriters who play the music thing in an attempt to spread good vibes and some sad songs in disguise with our shiny guitars, smooth harmonies and big smile energy, it’s always refreshing to realize that women are increasingly prominent in a landscape that, for decades, has been dominated by men.

It is no exaggeration to say that, today, a rock band that does not have at least one female member is far from having any relevance to the genre. More than a political of “quotas”, girl power brings to art a colour, sensuality and a sense of intimacy typical of the female soul…Check this out!

2 3 Things about ALIBII by Courtney Egginton

RC – What is the biggest challenge in releasing the first single of your career?

CE – The biggest challenge about releasing ‘But I’ (our first single) was knowing when to say “the song is good enough to be released” or knowing you have done the best you could do. Myself and Will (Writing Partner) sat on ‘But I’ for a good 2 years before releasing it. As the idea of releasing your first single is something that you can build up in your head as you want it to be absolutely perfect. Which is something I thought of a lot. A first single is also the foundation of what people/ listeners can expect from you. Which was challenging for us because we do dabble in a few different genres and finding the one that was our strongest to lean on felt like a gamble, when sitting down to create ‘But I’ Back in early 2019.

RC – Your singing accompanied by piano is classical, following the mold of Amy Lee (Evanescence). How long have you been doing this vocal preparation?

CE – The vocal delivery in ‘But I’ was challenging when talking about the tone and nuances. The overall range of the song sat in my register quite comfortably. I found when trying to record the vocals I was better off sitting in a small room alone recording bit by bit rather then having an audio engineer press record for me. As I found I got the right emotion and feel when recording it this way which was meant to only be the demo vocals for the song. But most of the vocals I got from siting in that small room ended up being in the final product. As I couldn’t seem to get that same emotional delivery when re recording the main vocal parts.

RC – What makes Australian-made rock and roll one of the best in the world?

CE –  Australian made rock and roll music is consisted one of the best in the world, through the local community it has build around it. Although we are smaller compared to other music capitals like the US and UK. Our passion and support for Aussie made rock and roll over the years are unmatched. Developing Rock and Roll icons that will go down in history such as AC/DC, Cold Chisel, The Angels and many more.

3 more fe/male rock bands you must know!


Embodying the energy & ferocity of the animal they are named after, Hyaenas is a new Indie Rock band breaking into the Canadian music scene. With fun, catchy hooks, their songs are written through a queer feminist lens; exploring meaningful themes from acceptance to vigilance, celebrating a love of nature, witchcraft, and social justice while drawing inspiration from 80’s icons The Go-Go’s to modern day Indie darlings, Warpaint. 


Outerloop formed in 2019 when Taisha Estrada, a trained latin-jazz singer, answered a Craigslist “Vocalist Wanted ” ad placed by guitarist Don Potter who by then had already joined forces with drummer Patrick Gough and bassist Mike Larmoyeux.  Bonding over a mutual love of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Soundgarden and Sleater Kinney – the quartet began writing songs combining heavy, propulsive post-punk instrumentals with Estrada’s virtuosic bi-lingual vocals.  


“Headshrinker”: a good Oasis early song. In a couple interviews, the Arctic Monkeys said that the main reason they started the band was because of Oasis. “Headshrinkers”: such a good name for a band, reminding the audience of that golden Oasis track. Is also curious that Headshrinkers sounds pretty much like the Arctic Monkeys first two albums. But without the innocence Alex Turner once had.

Headshrinkers’ sound has been described as ‘incendiary Post-Punk laced with stunning poetic majesty’ by This Feeling. Their frantic, full-force live shows are the best way to experience the band. Frontman Garran Hickman’s captivating, visceral performances take the audience on a journey, as they are simultaneously blasted with Headshrinkers’ unrelenting brand of noise.

Bonus: LoDélie

We’re not alone indeed! I can love everything I don’t know, LoDélie included. The single, now written in english, is so delicious and has a chorus that sticks in the head.

Now, we wanna know what did you think about the list!!!

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