19 alternative rock tracks to seize the day

19 alternative rock tracks to seize the day

To start the conversation. I know the term “alternative rock” has been outdated since the Strokes released their “Last nite”… And I see that quite clearly when I set out to create a list like this, with so many artists and bands that could easily assume the post of new “Strokes” even though they make a type of music even more diverse and energetic than the Casablancas troupe.

And what is an encouragement for lovers of this type of music: artists come from all over the world, making rock for all ages. Because the greatest merit of alternative rock will be this: to pack the youth that even a 75-year-old can have. What’s wrong with listening to alternative rock these days? Choose one of these 20 tracks and make your day happier.

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Here, we have a good amount of new or existing bands, which deliver a modern and, what’s better, passionate rock and roll. Starting with Sunset Station, whose “Ghost Town” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in 2022. Enjoy the music.

Sunset Station



Colour Tongues



Mr. Cool


Welcome Strawberry

Death Lens

Stephen Dawes

The Lately

Luna Kiss

Deep Sea Peach Tree

The Beckleys

Chester Doom

Broken Vanity


Hello Luna

BONUS: Patrick Smith – “The Digital Clown”

So, tell us now what did you think about this list of alternative rock, and check this one also.

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Marcos Tadeu

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