14 brand new rock artists that’ll blow your mind (part.2)

14 brand new rock artists that’ll blow your mind (part.2)

And we are going to close this difficult year, at least with the certainty that everything is going very well with the guys that really produce rock n’ roll and all other similar musical genres.

In this second list there are 14 more artists that are worth being known, many, even, before attending the charts around the world. This time, we went even further and brought an amazing news straight from…Tokio! That’s right. Above all, I hope you have fun, meet new idols and share your findings with friends.

Are you ready?

Merry Christmas

I’m in love with the song. Really. It’s kinda of Arcade Fire, but much more happier….Possibily a sound that Coldplay has been chasing (and didn’t find out yet). This initially quiet fuzz-folk track explodes into energy, grabbing listeners and getting them to nod, dance, or bounce along to the catchy main hook. And all of this coming from TOKIO!

Escape Ring

Wow….this is such a hit single….another “bomb” coming from Australia. Escape Ring you have all the potential to be on the world charts….a fine upbeat mix between pop and country that I’ve never seen….or hear….

Paul Allen

Some Stereophonics and Oasis vibe, maybe, with vocals that leaves a mark….By the way, the vocals are the highest point here…. Paul Allen you gonna hit the charts pretty soon man …

Ruby slipper

Babes In Toyland, Sonic Youth, Hole… Ruby Slipper: these are just a couple of bands that your “Caterpillar” reminded me … The singer have vocals similar to Courtney Love…. Such a nostalgic and filthy sound, it’s always good when an artist revisit the grunge movement. I liked a lot and I think our audience will like it too….

Mathieu Saïkaly

It’s such a sweet recording….it reminded me of the early Coldplay records so much….the lead singer sounds a bit like Chris Martin too….Even tough I think your music is inventive and very original.

Low Gear

By now, I’m already a fan of Low Gear. It’s so fun, so relaxing, exiliranting… There are no boundaries for what Low Gear can do. It’s probably one of the most interesting metal bands in the market these days. And, guess what: they are doing a live streaming on new years’ eve. I’m pretty sure Low Gear are one of the best (few) news 2021 brought us….


Moink is making such an unique sound that will hit the charts someday, somehow….This song is all about cool synths and beats….and the vocals reminded me of cool rock bands like The Kooks and Hard-fi.

Fleur Bleu.e

I loved it. Certainly a kind of song that I would listen on my galaxy buds while walking with my dog on a cloudy day. It’s a exciting song that reminds us that better days are yet to come…. Thank you for bringing me this feeling, Fleur Bleu.e.

Laszlo Jones

I just loved Jones’ music. I found the single very powerful, accessible and potential hit. The recording is perfect and emphasizes even more the electronic layer of the song, which modernizes the whole set. 30 Seconds to Mars would be envy of Laszlo…..

Chintzy Stetson

Stetson’s track touched me a lot, it has authenticity, melody and sore lyrics that nevertheless make us feel better about what we are doing here in this world. I found this track very curious to accompany a Christmas song as a b-side, actually.

Max Feinstein

Well, If I needed to pick a song to represent the state of mind of confinement in the pandemic, it would definitely be “Borderlines”. With a very well produced (and funny) video and lyrics that reflect well what it is like to be locked inside the house, victim of overthinking, this song is simply brilliant. Zappa would be proud.

LATE 90s

Sounds pretty much like 90’s bands, by the way, like Sunny Day Real State and Placebo. It has that perfect blend between pop, strident vocals, guitars, redemption and sorrow…


Italy is officially the new country of rock and roll music (hello, Maneskin). So, “Come Back Alive” has the trash metal of Metallica with a refreshing punch of Linkin Park. Great guitar parts, amazing and creative riffs above all….Rain has all the energy to rule the world.

Vincent Paraboschi

Well, I can say that Vincent’s talent for rock writing fascinated me at first. This kinda of grunge ballad reminded me a lot of Alice in Chains, and the vocals have as much character as Layne Staley’s. The recording quality is also surprising. I wonder what the artist would do if you had the entire infrastructure of a studio…

So, which one of them did you like the most? C’mon and tell us!

Marcos Tadeu

Marcos Tadeu

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